Dentist Cover Letter

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  • Published : April 15, 2013
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Dear colleague,
Today I saw Mr X.
He was affected by acute periodontitis. He has no concomitant diseases or discomforts except for the symptomatology he presented. He told me of the pain in his lower jaw, increasing under pressured condition, such as chopping or chewing. At the physical examination he presented with erythematous gum. The pocket exploration highlighted the pocket depth augmentation between 8-10 mm. The patient underwent X-rays of his\her lower jaw.., which demonstrated an initial bone rarefaction with some erosion at the upper level under teeth number ……. Taking into consideration his\her symptomatology and what the clinical records found, a deep scaling treatment was performed and the pockets were irrigated with chlorhexidine . Afterward the patient underwent a 7-day course of antibiotic therapy with Amoxicilline administered once a day with pain-killers (mainly Ibuprophen up to 3 days per week). After a week’s treatment, pain symptomatology was almost gone and the patient presented with an overall improved situation. As the inflammation decreased, this was demonstrated by the perio pockets finds however to acknowledge the initial reabsorption of the jaw bone as shown from the results of the radiographies taken.

At this point, I would like to address you the patient, in order to evaluate the timing and to plan the next step of his\her treatment i.e. periodontal surgery.....

If you need further information or medical records, please do not hesitate to contact me on the details provided.

Yours Faithfully,
Yours Sincerely,
Kind Regards,
Best Regards,

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