Dentification of Main Goals of World Car Manufactures.

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Identification of main goals of world car manufactures.
| Car brand| Values| Mission statement| Slogan&Motto| Main goal| 1| Audi| Customers, products, technology, philosophy, self-concept| "Audi is a manufacturer of exquisite cars – beautiful, sophisticated machines that embody technological perfection. Our success is built on our core values of creativity, commitment and enthusiasm, and keeping our customers’ desires at the heart of everything we do. We strive to lead the way through constant innovation"| Motto& Slogan: «Vorsprung durch Technik» (Progress through technology)| Technology| 2| BMW| Customers, products&services, technology, philosophy, self-concept| "The BMW Group is the world's leading provider of premium products and premium services for individual mobility."| Slogan: «The Ultimate Driving Machine» and «Sheer Driving Pleasure»Motto: «Today for Tomorrow»| Quality of products and services| 3| Cadillac| Customers, products&services, location&markets, self-concept| "Cadillac will lead the luxury segment by offering must-have products, that are professionally marketed, and delivered through a premium retail channel obsessed with customer satisfaction and sales/service."| Slogan: «The new standard of the world»Motto: «Life. Liberty. And the Pursuit»| Self-concept, exclusiveness| 4| Chevrolet| Customers, products&services, technology, growth, philosophy, self-concept| "Safety and Quality First; Create Life-Long Customers; Innovate; Deliver Long-Term Investment Value; Make a Positive Difference"| Slogan: «Excellence for All»Motto: "We win when the customer says we win."| Concern for customers| 5| Chrysler| Customers, products&services, technology, growth, philosophy, self-concept| "Our vision is to build cars and trucks people want to buy, will enjoy driving and will want to buy again.""To create the type of exciting, efficient, reliable, safe vehicles you expect and deserve."| Slogan: «Drive & Love»Motto: «We hope for better things; It will rise from the ashes»| Concern for customers| 7| Ferrari| Products&services, location&markets, technology, philosophy, self-concept| «To build unique sports cars destined to represent the excellence of Italian cars, whether on the road or on racing circuits»| | Difference, quality| 8| Ford| Customers, products, technology, growth, philosophy, self-concept, concern for employees.| «Accelerate development of new products our customers want and value. Work together effectively as one team An exciting viable Ford delivering profitable growth for all».| Slogan: «Feel the difference»Motto: «One team, one plan, one goal»| Difference| 9| Honda| Customers, products&services, technology, philosophy, self-concept| "Maintaining a global viewpoint, we are dedicated to supplying products of the highest quality, yet at a reasonable price for worldwide customer satisfaction.""Respect for the individual. The Three Joys (buying, selling and creating)."| Slogan: «The power of dreams»Motto: "Respect for the individual.| Customers, quality| 10| Lamborghini| Products&services, location&markets, technology, philosophy, self-concept| «Build GT cars without defects - quite normal, conventional but perfect - not a technical bomb»| Slogan: «The new world»Motto: «To outperform Ferrari»| Quality| 11| Mercedes| Customers, Product and services, Technology, Philosophy, Self-concept,| «We give of our best for customers who expect the best - and we live a culture of excellence that is based on shared values. Our corporate history is full of innovations and pioneering achievements; they are the foundation and ongoing stimulus for our claim to leadership in the automotive industry».| Slogan: «Unlike any other»Motto: «Best or Nothing»| Difference, Quality| 12| Porsche| Products&services, location&markets, technology, philosophy, self-concept, employees| «Porsche doesn't...
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