Dental Patient Management System

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WesternCHAPTER 1
This chapter briefs an introduction for the system by giving an overview of the system. Furthermore this states the cope of the project, a detailed description of the scope and the objectives, motivating factor that has driven to complete the project, and also it states the uniqueness of the project and the need for the system. This also gives the basic system requirement inclusive of hardware and software requirements. It also gives a brief introduction for the structure of the project.

"Dental Chambers" is a dental clinic at Wellawatte which has about 500 regular patients. They provide better treatment for their patients' and hence have a very good patient’s base. They give solutions for their patients by referring the past treatment records. And the patients are also much satisfied with the approach. But the difficulty the "Dental Chambers" face is to serve their patient on time. Since they maintain all the records in paper based system, it takes them a very long time to find the patient's history. And this has been always a complaint from the patients. Other than this major factor, "Dental Chambers" also has few more issues. They don't have a proper information flow about their patient's. The main reason for this is identified to be the traditional way of storing all the patients' information, rather than having an automated process. When a patient comes for the clinic if the patient is a new fresh patient, simply they will have to open a fresh file for them. But if the patient is a one who already have been treated at "Dental Chambers", then it will be a tedious task for them. Then they will have to look for the past treatment record file to find out the treatment details. This process of analysing the records one by one will consume a huge time and thus it may create delay in serving the patients. And also since they deal with disease and illnesses they have to be faster. Because if they take a long time to serve the patients then they might suffer more and sometimes might even look for a different clinic. Another issue is that the management finds it difficult to track the patient details and to decide on further expansion of the clinic or bringing in few new technologies with the help of few doctors. Another problem they face is difficulties in handling the financial records. With the current process it is very much difficult for them to track the payment from the patients, amounts paid for suppliers etc. And also in a medical field it is must to keep the records for legal purposes. If it is a manual system keeping long time patients records will be wasting the spaces and difficult to get the records when needed.

In order to solve the above stated problems, they have been looking for automating the process where they can use IT to create software for them to manage the patients' history. The author has decided to develop a system that would cater their needs as the final year project of BIT. With the current business process "Dental Chambers" is not able to serve the patients in a satisfactory level. Hence it might even be a threat to their business. It is assured that the system will reduce the time consuming and will help to retrieve the patients' history very quickly for further processes. Providing timely information will affect the growth of the clinic. Since "Dental Chambers" is a developing medical clinic, they need to satisfy their patients' needs to the fullest. * 1.2 THE MOTIVATION

"Dental Chambers" wants to automate their current business process with the help of IT. Even though there are many commercial packages are available to purchase the management needs a fresh new software which will be unique for the clinic in design and as well as in implementation. At this point the author also by analysing the requirements evaluated and suggested that rather than purchasing an available commercial software, it will be very much...
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