Dental Hygienist - Reflection Paper

Topics: Dental hygienist, Oral hygiene, Hygiene Pages: 4 (1467 words) Published: April 7, 2014


The convoluted way in which having good oral hygiene and how much it can impact one’s body has never lost my interest. When researching, I have read it is most common to get oral cancer And/or Periodontal Disease when not taking care of one’s self. Those are just two important things to remember when taking care of you orally. I want to have a career where I can teach people to take care of themselves and to prevent from these happening. Often times, people lean more to a career that fits only one of the traits, me on the other hand, I want a career that will not only suit me for most but have an adventure. Of course when picking a career, you focus on the pay, but the big thing is to know that you will love your job. There are so many people in this world those great jobs such as Doctors, Lawyers, and Veterinarian’s and on. You hear from most that they absolutely hate their jobs. Who wants to wake up and dread to go to work? I want to wake up and be giddy to arrive at work. It is wonderful to think you will learn about people in all ages, ethnicity, teach them about Oral Hygiene, or refresh there memories on how important it is to keep up with it. Every time I go into get a cleaning the whole Dental practice never seizes to amaze me. Everyone is so happy and helpful. You can tell they love what they do. Although, most people wonder why one person would want to spend the rest of their life working in people’s mouths, I think of it so much more than that. It is such a neat feeling knowing you can wake up excited to do what you have dreamed about your whole life.

Since being a first generation college student in my family, I had no one teach me about the simplicity of education. The one thing I know is that since high school, it is something about the medical field that interested me. I took Career...
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