Dental Health Care Hcs 455

Topics: Dental caries, Oral hygiene, Dentistry Pages: 4 (948 words) Published: October 8, 2012
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Dental Health Care
Sylvia Taylor
HCS 455
August 27, 2012
Richard Jones

Dental Health Care 2 Abstract

Dental Health Care is one of the major health problems of every American nationwide. It does not mean that it there would no solution to this problem. However, there are various solutions to these problems if the people would adhere to it like simply brushing their teeth regularly like two to three times a day, going to their dentists every six months for a good check-up, and flossing their teeth regularly. It also helps to educate and teach the children the importance of a good oral hygiene to prevent getting cavities. As early as five, there was an enactment of the law to allow the children go through a Dental Examination prior to entering kindergarten to prepare the children from getting cavities and free from pain that could affect their learning abilities. It is indeed beneficial to the children to have their dental health taken care of at the start of their early years of learning. As the children grow, there are two cost-effective methods of dental care available for the children, one is the dental sealants and the water fluoridation to help reduce and prevent tooth decays and cavities.

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