Dental Cosmetic Technological Advances

Topics: Dental implant, Dentistry, Oral and maxillofacial surgery Pages: 2 (413 words) Published: February 21, 2012
DENTAL\COSMETIC Technological Advances in the Field of Dentistry To the casual observer it may appear as though is nothing has modified throughout the years in the subject of Dentistry however, it is not true. In the happenings few decades technology has did it possible and more favorable for dentist and for people to execute better results in half their oral concerns treated in a timely manner.

Because of technological advances in the subject of Dentistry it is now possible to discharge cosmetic procedures in patients who have mislaid a tooth or have severe problems concerning the shape and position of their teeth. Let's go progressing and appearance at some of the technologies that are used this day in mandate to provide a better aid to staff who are concerned about their oral health and the looks of their smile. CAD/CAM technologies:

These stand for computer assisted intention and computer assisted manufacture, the use of these technologies have did it possible for dentists to work closely with computer software in tidiness to intention and produce complex pieces such as porcelain veneers, inlays, bridges and other oral fixtures which were extremely difficult to layout and making without the help of computers.

CAT scans:

This has become a standard technology used the present by dentists who achieve dental implants, by using CAT scans implantologists are able to get a clear picture of the density and limitation of the jawbone before they actually thrilled it in order to put in country a proper screw which will be used as the base for an implant.

Air abrasion:

This technology is used instead of the traditional and much feared drill in succession to do a cleaning, many patients get greatly worried and sensitive when they see or hear a drill, an air abrasion can grant the same benefits as its older paraphrase while preventing the patient from being frightened.

When a patient becomes utterly uneasy and the treatment in advance is known to be...
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