Dental Caries

Topics: Dental caries, Oral hygiene, Lactic acid Pages: 2 (597 words) Published: March 21, 2013
What is dental caries and how can it be prevented?
Dental caries is a disease which infects the hard tissues (enamel, dentin, and cementum) of the teeth, it can also be known as cavity or tooth decay. This disease leads to holes that destroy the structure of the teeth that are also known as cavities. It usually comes from food that has accumulated on the surface of the tooth. The bacteria mostly responsible in causing dental cavities are known as mutans streptococci and lactobacilli. By not treating this disease a person could be subjected to infection, pain, and eventually tooth loss. It is also one of the most common dental diseases around the world. There are two causes of dental caries known as primary and secondary. The primary causes are bacteria that lives in the mouth, then it is the sugars that have been revealed to be the worst in relation to causing dental caries called sucrose, even though other sugars may play an active role, and lastly there is the number of acids produced by the actions of playa bacteria on sugar, but the most significant one is called lactic acid. The secondary cause is bad oral hygiene. Unbalanced nutrition, especially the lack of iron, calcium, and phosphorus from food are also included in the secondary cause. A person will be subjected to symptoms like pain and tooth decay. It depends on how decayed the tooth is as too the extreme of pain the person may feel. A small hole in the tooth, being sensitive to cold and hot food or beverages, bad breath known as halitosis, swelling of the gums, and facial swelling are also known symptoms of dental caries. In efforts of preventing dental caries a person could take oral hygiene such as proper brushing and flossing daily serious. Brushing helps keep plaque from building on the teeth and flossing does as well but it also helps remove leftover food that the toothbrush cannot reach or leaves behind. There are proper ways of brushing and flossing in which a person should use in efforts of...
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