Density of Metals

Topics: Metal, Zinc, Density Pages: 3 (617 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Density of Metals
Problem: How does the mass and volume help determine the density of known metal samples? Hypothesis: When comparing the density of Zn(zinc) and Cu(copper), you will find that Copper is more dense than Zinc. You can test this out by using the density formula D=m/v. Materials:

* 2 metals (options: zn, al, or cu)
* 3 samples of each metal (small, medium, and large)
* Scale/Balance
* Calculator
* Water
* Graduated Cylinder
* Be prepared for your work in the laboratory.
* Read all procedures thoroughly before entering the lab and/or starting experiment. * Be alert and proceed with caution at all times in the lab. Step by Step Procedure:
1. Wash hands with soap and water
2. Grab all materials and set them out
3. Pick one metal out of the two you have chosen to compare and get your three samples (small, medium, large) 4. Find the mass of each sample using a scale/balance and then find the volume (using a graduated cylinder filled with water and putting each sample in the filled graduated cylinder to determine the volume) 5. Create a data table and write all the information collected down 6. Repeat steps three-six with the second metal of your choice 7. On logger pro, plug in all needed information to make a graph for each metal. If you do not understand how to use the program or are having difficulty with it then ask your instructor


Sample Size| Small| Medium| Large|
Mass| 7.2g| 11.69g| 19.4g|
Volume| 2ml| 3ml| 4ml|

Sample Size| Small| Medium| Large|
Mass| 29.23g| 38.37g| 57.28g|
Volume| 4ml| 6ml| 8ml|

1. Zinc: Small: 7.2/2 = 3.6 Medium: 11.69/3 = 3.896 Large: 19.4/4 = 4.85 Copper: Small: 29.23/4 = 7.3075 Medium: 38.37/6 = 6.395 Large: 57.28/8=7.16 2. Average of Zinc: 3.6+3.896+4.85/3 = 4.115

Average of Copper: 7.3075+6.395+7.16/3 =6.954
3. The density of a metal with a bigger sample...
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