Density Lab (Chemistry)

Topics: Volume, Accuracy and precision, Measurement Pages: 3 (759 words) Published: November 27, 2011
The purpose of this lab will be to investigate the concepts of accuracy and precision for quantitative measurements using density as an example. The density of a sample will be found experimentally and compared to a known value. The relationship of averages and different analysis techniques to percent error will also be explored. Density is a characteristic of a substance which can qualitatively be described as the amount of matter (mass) squeezed into a given space (volume). The density of substance remains the same no matter the size of the sample at a given temperature. Quantitatively, density can be expressed as the mass of a substance per unit volume, and the volume of a cylinder can be expressed as π times the radius squared times the height. (Density=Mass/VolumeV = π(Diameter/2)^2 x Height)*

*Microsoft Word Starter 2010 does not allow creation of equations. This was the best alternative Materials:
Density sample cylinders; metric ruler; Electronic balance
Measure the mass, height, and diameter of five different cylinders from the substance as precisely as possible to ensure the correct measurements are recorded. Data Table:
Cylinder #| Mass (grams)| Height (centimeters)| Diameter (centimeters)| 2| 12.82g| 4.60cm| 1.55cm|
4| 16.51g| 5.60cm| 1.10cm|
8| 21.37g| 7.60cm| 1.60cm|
10| 24.09g| 8.60cm| 1.10cm|
14| 29.80g| 10.70cm| 1.10cm|

Graph -
Mass and Volume of Blue Cylindrical Objects
Mass and Volume of Blue Cylindrical Objects

Mass (g)
Mass (g)
Volume (cm^2)
Volume (cm^2)

Average Density Data Table -
Average Density (g/cm^3)| Team Average Density (g/cm^3)|
2.495 g/cm^3| 1.647 g/cm^3|

Volume Calculations –
V = π(Diameter/2)^2 x HeightCylinder #2:V = π(1.55cm/2)^2 x 4.60cm = 8.08 cm^3 Cylinder #| Volume (cm^3)|
4| 5.32 cm^3|
8| 15.28 cm^3|
10| 6.75 cm^3|
14| 10.17 cm^3|

Density Calculations –
D = Mass/VolumeCylinder #2:...
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