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Topics: Central Europe, Management, Eastern Europe Pages: 2 (476 words) Published: July 13, 2011
1. What are some of the general challenges of starting new business in another country? What specific challenges did Copy General face in Eastern and Central Europe?  
Starting a new business from another country will have some general Challenges faced as follows:

1.Language barriers
2.Cultural diversity

3.Ethical problems and concerns

4.Political and economical conditions

5.Methods of doing business

6.Strategy formulation and implementation

7.Labor relation and industrial democracy

8.Adaptations to new trend and technology

Copy General also faced some specific challenges in Eastern and Central Europe.

1.Language difference will make serious problems during communications.  
2.As Budapest was new place for them, they faced difficulties in choosing location for their business.  
3.Accommodation problem for the employees of Copy General

4.Distrust of banks towards new business

5.Difficulty in searching for supplier 

2. How important was Paul Panitz’s vision to the decision to go into Hungary? How would you characterize his leadership and management style and his commitment to ³doing well by doing good’?  

The reason Paul wanted to set up a copy shop in Central and Eastern Europe is to help the people of that area, his vision was to make people access to information. It was a very important decision as the country had very few copy centers available and people were not accessed to the recent information. So he first decided to go for Hungary. His leadership style was somewhat a mixture of participative and democratic style. We can observe subordinate-leader relationship and decision making authority was participating rather than autocratic. And Paul’s goal was specific which was followed by his subordinates that give a view of democracy.

3. Compare the recollections of Ken Chaletsky, a U.S. manager with Copy General, and Erno Duda, Copy General’s initial country manager in Hungary. How do their perspectives...
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