Dennis Rader

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  • Published : May 10, 2011
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Dennis Rader was a Christian man that lived his life as a normal person to everyone’s eyes, with a wife and children but on the inside he was a psychotic man. He had 10 known victims in a span of 25 years before the silence was broken and brought to justice. Dennis Radar was the first of four boys born to William and Dorothea Rader. He was baptized at Zion Lutheran Church in Pittsburg, Kansas. As a child, Dennis appeared to be a normal and average boy. He was a Boy Scout and participated in church youth group activities. He confessed that as a child he was fascinated by bondage, control and torture while he was still in grade school. Dennis Rader admits to killing cats and dogs he would hang and torture them. He knew that he needed to keep his obsession a secret from everyone. He was having all these fantasies as a young boy. In 1974 Rader was between jobs and would drive his wife to work when it would snow or there was ice on the roads since she didn’t like driving in these conditions. Dennis’s wife, Paula, worked at the VA hospital in Wichita. Dennis didn’t mind driving her because he liked to “troll” for women and observe them and fantasize about what he would do to them. One day there was a new Hispanic family that had moved into the corner house on Rader’s block. Rader like Hispanic women, he admired their beauty. On day Dennis dropped off Paula off at the hospital and went back to spy on his new neighbors. He would watch their schedules of when people left and returned home. This was not enough for Dennis so he devised a plan. He put together a “hit kit” consisting of a gun, knives, cords, and tools to break into their home. On January 15, 1974 he had watched long enough around 8 a.m. he snuck around the back yard and cut the phone wires. He barged into the back door but to his surprise Julie and Josephine were not the only two home. The husband Joe Otero was home along with their 9 year old son Joey. Rader seized control of the situation by holding...
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