Dengue: Fever and Flower Pots

Topics: Dengue fever, Fever, Malaria Pages: 2 (773 words) Published: October 24, 2012
Dengue-A dreadful epidemic
1. Introduction:
a. Natural disasters are a common feature of human life. They are floods, earthquakes, sea storms and epidemics. b. Dengue fever is an illness commonly found in hot countries. 2. Causes and contributing factors:

a. It is caused by the bite of the female mosquito.
b. It breads on clean water which may keep standing at certain places. 3. Symptoms and results:
a. The victim suffers from severe headache and fever. His health decline rapidly and feels physical weakness. b. This year it assumed an epidemic and caused many deaths. 4. Precautionary measures and steps to control this epidemic: a. The Govt. of Punjab fought against it seriously. The doctors devotionally worked to control it. b. The grassy fields, the water tanks, the old tyres containing water were sprayed with anti-mosquito drugs. c. The electronic and print media also played their part to fight against it. People are directed to adopt precautionary measures to avoid the illness. 5. Conclusion:

Human history is full of natural disasters i.e. earthquakes, sea storms, famines and floods, their destruction of property and losses of human life. For last many years our country is facing earthquakes and floods. This year a new epidemic in the form of Dengue fever has broken out in the province Punjab, esp. in Lahore. Dengue fever is an illness found in hot countries. It is caused by the bite of the female mosquito that has been infected with a virus that is injected instantly into the blood of a person whom it bites. The symptoms of illness i.e. severe headache, twists of body with pain, feeling of vomiting and nausea, appear after three to five days. His power of resistance becomes weak and he looks pale. Red rashes appear on his body. There is blood in his urine, salvia and stool. The platelets in his blood decrease and the patient begins to bleed at different places in his body. The disease is no...
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