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Robert Külper
Writing I
Tuesday 10-12

Apostrophes and other Denglisch problems

By using English words in German language you incorporate them into German grammar. (downloaden- ich habe den File gedownloadet/downgeloadet) English spelling and punctuation influence on German spelling and punctuation is very bad, such as this false use of apostrophe in German possessive forms, as in Karl´s Schnellimbis. This incorrect German grammar can be mostly seen in advertisement and on signs. Furthermore, the coining of faux English leads to translation problems, because the words are either not found in English at all or have another meaning as the German use it, for instance der Dressman(male model), der Smoking (tuxedo) or der Talkmaster (talk show host). These “bad” influences of English in German language have a dramatic proof tendency. Although not all Denglisch problems can be blamed by the collision of English and German, many of them can. This invasion of English is most pervasive in areas of business and technology. Actually there is no need to obtain words from English language into German. Because there are perfectly good words in German for all of the English words you adopt in it, but they just are not “in”, so said in German.

In the first instance Denglisch can also show up in German punctuation. Another sign of the decrease in German language and also blamed on Denglisch is the “Deppenapostroph”, in English called idiot´s apostrophe. German speakers do not employe apostrophes in many situations normally, but in modern times we add it to German genitive forms where it should not appear. During a walk through a street today you definitely can see business signs such as “Andrea´s Haarsalon” or “Karl´s Schnellimbis”, but the correct German possessive is “Andreas” and “Karls” without any apostrophe. Furthermore, we are an apostrophe in s-plurals such as “Auto´s”, “Handy´s” or “Trikot´s”.

In 2006 the edition of the Duden “official” reformed...
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