Demonstrative Speech, Talent, Skill or Favorite Activity

Topics: Meat, Beef, Salad Pages: 2 (592 words) Published: June 15, 2011
Demonstration Speech
Texas De Brazil Churrasqueria
Topic: explain to my audience the experience of going to Texas the Brazil churrasqueria Introduction: have u ever thought about going to a place where you could just eat a little of what everybody is having for a fixed price? Well, if you never thought this was possible maybe you never been to Texas de Brazil. Texas de Brazil is a famous churrasqueria that has many types of meats for you to pick from and a huge salad bar that ranges from salads and soups to sushi. All of this food just for a fixed price. I. first, after being seated by a warm gracious hostess you will notice the huge 40 item salad bar in front of you, don’t hesitate and grab something while you wait for your meat. a. gather a plate which will be provided by your server or you will find one at the salad bar piled up to one side. b. feel free by triyng some of the best with items such as fresh buffalo mozzarella, steamed asparagus with strawberry sauce, Brazilian hearts of palm, grilled Portobello mushrooms, greek olives, shrimp salad, imported Italian salamis, sautéed mushrooms, herbed sweet onions, pork black beans , jasmine rice, spicy surimi sushi, soup du jour and many other specialties c. one thing to have in mind is all the meat that’s coming up! don’t get to crazy filling your stomach with salad.

II. Second, after you had something delicious from the salad bar make sure to ask the server about the different types of meats they have and make sure you tried them all ! a. White meats: chicken breast wrapped in bacon, chicken drumsticks with parmesan cheese , pork tender loin, pork tender loin with parmesan cheese. b. red meats: (picanha) top sirloin, (picanha) top sirloin with garlic, flank steak(churrasco),filet mignon, filet mignon wrapped in bacon, c. ribs: beef ribs, BBQ pork ribs,

d. lamb: leg of lamb, lamb chops

III. After you eat everything on your path and you just can’t take it anymore, it’s...
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