Demonstrative Speech

Topics: Adhesive tape, Duct tape, Pressure sensitive tape Pages: 2 (660 words) Published: November 26, 2012
Ever run out of crafts to do? Want to make a cool gift for someone? Want to get in touch with your creative side? Making a duct tape wallet is the answer. It’s a fun way to make a new project to keep busy while making something for someone else or yourself. For my presentation will be making a duct tape wallet.

I will be starting with materials that will be needed, the steps to construct the wallet, and options to add to personalize it. For your reference the shell is referred to the main part of the wallet. The materials that is need

1. A pair scissors
2. Ruler
3. A piece of plastic or clear Scotch tape(optional)
4. Also, you will need 1 solid color and 1 printed duct tape. In this case I am using a solid pink and zebra printed tape. Now the steps
1. Cut 8 strips of the solid pink duct tape. The measurement is 8 ½ inches long. 2. Once that’s done lay one strip sticky side up, then line up another strip( color side up) place it a little more than half way on top.There will be a little strip of sticky still showing. 3. Now place another strip on top of the sticky part that’s showing. Flip it over and continue to cover the sticky part on the bottom until you use all the strips of tape. You will be flipping it back and forth to complete the shell of the wallet. 4. When done the sticky parts that are left, fold them over. 5. Now clean up the edges. The length of your wallet should be 8 ½ inches in length, and it should be 3 ½ in width. When that is finished you will have the shell of the wallet. 6. Cut a strip of the printed tape measuring the length your wallet, and cut that piece into 2. 7. Put one of the printed strips on the top of the shell to create a printed border. 8. Cut 2 pieces of 4inch pick tape, to tape the sides of the wallet together. 9. Now it’s time to start the pockets. Cut 6 strips of 4 inch of any color tape besides the color of your actual shell (in this case the printed tape is used). Stick two...
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