Demonstrative Communication Paper

Topics: Nonverbal communication, Communication, Understanding Pages: 3 (767 words) Published: November 27, 2011
Andrea Dunn

Individual Assignment week 2

BCOM/275 Version 1

Tim Wolfe

October 30, 2011

Demonstrative communication dates way back before birth as well as before our parents were born and will continue to be of great importance throughout history this paper will attempt to explain how it involves both listening and responding, can be effective or ineffective, positive or negative for the sender and receiver.

Non- verbal cues are used in everyday interactions and can often times speak louder than verbal communication. Think back to childhood how momma’s eye contact was understood nothing had to be said and what she wanted was done just by the look she gave. How about in school the raising of hands to answer a question/ask a question? teachers understand these gestures. The same is true in business managers and employees communicate frequently through expectations; for instance the time clock employees want to be paid so they punch the clock. Managers want to acknowledge punctual employees so they review time sheets generated from time clocks. In essence demonstrative communication is of great importance and is an essential part of communication.

Listening to music can involve demonstrative communication the receiver (the listener) hears the music and responds to the sender by body motions such as dancing, bobbing of feet, snapping fingers, tapping feet and so forth these movements help the sender to understand that the music is being enjoyed. Let’s look at a lawyer by the name of Belli whom effectively used demonstrative communication by using visual aids and demonstrative materials in the court room. Consider this excerpt from Visual Materials with a point; “Belli used scale models to check clearance distances on highway accidents, he even brought a patient who weighed four hundred pounds up to the second floor of a courtroom by means of an outdoor lift because he could not be brought in through a first floor entrance all in an effort to...
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