Demonstrative Communication Paper

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Demonstrative Communication Individual Paper

Demonstrative Communication
Communication takes place in a person’s life weather they invite it or not. From the spoken word to a choice of wardrobe, almost every aspect of life sends a signal to others. There are many forms of communication. One of the more effective is demonstrative, which includes unwritten and nonverbal messages sent between the sender and the receiver, and is expressed through the face, body language, and a person’s tone of voice. This type of communication can be very successful because it gives many different aspects to better translate the messages being sent and received. The drawback is that in a world full of diversity certain road blocks can hinder a message from being translated due to differences in culture, gender, perception, etc. Traditional communication relies on the written word or verbal communication. While this is straight forward and sometimes effective, the use of demonstrative communication gives multiple dimensions to the sender and receiver relationship. For instance during a meeting with my learning team we were tossing about ideas for the topic of our debate. When the issue of abortion came up, it was obvious that no one in the group was thrilled with the choice, not because they voiced a dislike, but because of a general lack of enthusiasm. As well, it was obvious to see the negative thought processes working on the faces of my fellow members. This subtle form of communication allowed for my team to move on to the next idea for a topic with little or no dialogue. In this example the observation of facial expressions and tone of voice proved to be a very effective form of communication for the team. “You might also be interested to know that about 95 percent of what people learn during their lifetime is learned through their eyes and their ears. In fact, research confirms that 70 percent of your waking day is spent communicating...
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