Demonstrative Communication Paper

Topics: Nonverbal communication, Communication, Metacommunicative competence Pages: 3 (890 words) Published: January 12, 2013
Demonstrative Communication Paper
By: MaryLouise Maddox
BCOM 275/ Robert J. Mascarenas
University of Phoenix

Demonstrative communication consists of accepting and sending messages that can be silent; this can help give attention for the start of verbal communication even though a non verbal communication can transmit the message all by itself. An example of this would be facial expressions, which can be used to express most non verbal communications. According to Nayab body language along with facial expressions represent 55% of all communication. With demonstrative communication it can highlight the verbal communication for instance appropriately dressed, a nice firm handshake and conducting oneself in a professional manner while on employment interviews. Another example would be when two people meet for the first time; demonstrative communication can either show that the other person is either friendly or unpleasant by just saying the word hello. The facial expression of a smile can demonstrate whether the person is in good spirits and have a friendly personality. A good way to figure this out without the verbal communication would be the smile and other gestures through the nonverbal communication of the other person. An example of this would be a two people doing business together and when they meet for the first time and both business men smile at each other. This would be a nonverbal communication. The way that a person’s personality is shown is through their nonverbal communication.

Demonstrative communication can go both ways in being effective and negative. There are many different facts that play into the nonverbal communication, like the clothes that people wear, their tattoos and possibly their hairstyles. Although these types of communications are nonverbal it does make some people a little uneasy about how they handle their business with someone with this type of communication. It does not matter what the tattoo is of. It can be...
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