Demonstrative Communication Bcom/275

Topics: Communication, Nonverbal communication, Paul Ekman Pages: 2 (769 words) Published: November 9, 2011
Demonstrative Communication


Demonstrative Communication
Everyday people are involved in the activity of communication. We cannot imagine our world without everyday people’s interaction. We need to speak when we buy a new car or have dinner with our families. We need to listen when we attend a lecture or are interested in a piece of news, and we have to respond when asked to tell the shortest way to a destination. All of these are communications. However, communication is so much more than just words. We sometimes communicate without saying a word at all, sometimes we communicate not exactly what we say, and sometimes we are just reading the morning newspaper, which is a communicative act as well. In this paper I will mostly be talking about other types of communication which are different from speech. In general it is demonstrative communication. Demonstrative communication is any of the communicative acts that demonstrate something instead of saying it. What is it that actually demonstrates and in such a way transmits the information to the receiver. Demonstrative communication is through actions such as touch, clothing, and expression. It is also through bodily movements, facial expression, posture, and looks these are all demonstrative communication. Often we show non verbal communication without our own will to do so. We can have an impression that our friend is sad not really knowing how we came to that conclusion. It proves that non verbal communication is natural and it is displayed unknowingly by all people. That fact that non verbal communication can be unintentional makes it hard to understand. As verbal communication serves to transmit information the non verbal one is to transmit emotions and attitudes. Non verbal communication and verbal communications go hand and hand, it is hard to have one form without the other. Hand and facial gestures may be seen as visible acts of communication and meaning. Fundamental emotions such as...
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