Demonstrative Communication

Topics: Nonverbal communication, Communication, Paralanguage Pages: 3 (843 words) Published: November 12, 2013

Demonstrative Communication
Scott Semmions
October 9, 2013
Dr. Jimmy Sheppard

Demonstrative Communication
Demonstrative Communication is a type of communication that observes non verbal cues. Examples of non-verbal cues include tone of voice, facial expressions, and body language. (Ask, 2013 ). —make sure you use scholarly (peer reviewed) content When a person thinks of demonstrative communication, the thought of demonstration comes to mind. There are several types of ways demonstrative communication can be perceived. For example, sitting in a conference and listening to the speaker, the receiver has demonstrated the use of demonstrative communication. This paper will explain show several ways to use demonstrative communication in positive or negative forms. of them.—excellent introduction Positive effect

Positive demonstrative communication can often be a simple smile on your face or a hug from a coworker. Demonstrative is better known as a nonverbal communication, therefore the sender is speaking to someone, the sender can tell if the receiver is interested in his or her comments by simply noticing your—first person body language, your—first person tone of voice. The clothes you—first person wear, the style of your—first person hair, the distance needed from who you—first person are communicating with, or whether you—first person will be touching or not touching can all be demonstrative communication. Demonstrative communication is a nonverbal action of a person. Negative effect

“A person with negative verbal communication skills is not pleasant to have a conversation with. He or she They may speak too loudly or too softly, and not pay attention to others.the other person. The content of their conversation may be selfish, pretentious or dishonest. People with negative verbal communication skills are not good listeners and may be impatient or interrupt others during conversation.”(ehow, 2013).—need a page or paragraph number…please...
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