Demonstration on How to Change a Diaper

Topics: Talc, Diaper, Babycare Pages: 3 (549 words) Published: November 17, 2011
Demonstration on How to Change a Diaper


I. I’m going to teach you how to properly change a diaper.II. I was always one who stayed to my self
A. I didn’t like kids
B. Only played with older kids
III. On April 13,2011 something extraordinary happened. A. I gave birth to my first and only son.
B. Up unto I had my son I had never engaged with a child so everything was a learning experience. C. One thing I did and did often was change a diaper. IV. I’m going to teach you how to properly change a diaper.


I. Why it’s important to learn how to change a diaper properly. A. It’s a part of life
B. If not done properly will cause rashes – Things that cause rashes are: a. Urine
b. Stools
c. Bacteria from Urine and Stools
d. Detergents
e. Frangrances
f. Plastics from disposable diapers
g. Pre-Moistened baby wipes
h. Soaps
C. It’s important to keep baby comfortable

How to Remove Diaper ( II.
A. Prepare
B. Clean Area
C. Apply cream if needed
a. Never use Baby power
b. Why you may ask? It has Talc in it. Talc is closely related to the potent carcinogen asbestos. Talc particles have been shown to cause tumors in the ovaries and lungs of cancer victims. For the last 30 years, scientists have closely scrutinized talc particles and found dangerous similarities to asbestos. Responding to this evidence in 1973, the FDA drafted a resolution that would limit the amount of asbestos-like fibers in cosmetic grade talc. However, no ruling has ever been made and today, cosmetic grade talc remains non-regulated by the federal government. Talc is used on babies because it absorbs...
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