Demonstration in Teaching

Topics: Explanation, Understanding, Performance Pages: 2 (317 words) Published: February 6, 2013

Demonstration is the convincing people about your idea. It is the process of explaining some concept of giving information of your tone for them to have a better understanding. A demonstration is a dramatic performance. Relate here the meaning of dramatic as we discussed in Lesson 9 of this book. One thing to be done during the demonstration itself is to that your demo is being understood while you are demonstrating. Connect this to your course on Assessment of Learning.

In a demonstration, you must have to prepare your, topic to avoid some clarification, or in order to have a fluent discussion. It will avoid confusion because it will provide a clear explanation. In order for us to gain this we must have a broad and wide knowledge because it could help us to have farther explanation of what is all about. Techniques to acquire skills on Demonstration are clearly explained, including important guide that provides and integrating framework on how to nearly acquire that demonstration.


What then is a demonstration? Webter’s International Dictionary define it as “a public and emphasizing of the salient merits, utility, efficiency, etc. of an article or product…”


Therefore I conclude that demonstration is very useful in a sense that it could help us to explain and illustrate of our topic. And it could also help us to have a good interaction between the audience and the demonstrator.

There is a comprehensive explanation of the topic and could give us more idea and meaningful idea were stated because it give is clear idea to our mind.


Therefore I recommend to all people who want to convey their thought / idea to have a demonstration in order for the audience to be satisfied of what is your topic. The ability to communicate is being practiced here because you have to exert our effort to convince the people or audience.
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