Demonstrate How You Will Manage the Smart Targets Set in the Career Plan. (M1)

Topics: Want, Christmas controversy, UCAS Pages: 2 (475 words) Published: February 13, 2011
SMART Target 1- I will assess myself weekly to see how I progress through each unit. My aim will be to complete all pass points before the deadlines so I can free up more time to do my Merits & Distinctions. Pass points are crucial if I am to achieve merit points as without completing the pass points I will not be able to work on my merits. As my final year comes to an end I will ensure that I use all my upgrade sessions to ensure that I have passed all the merits from this year and the last. In the holidays (Easter) I will spend my time wisely and complete outstanding merit points from the previous. By doing this I will be able to free up more time in college and concentrate solely on the pass points of the current year.

SMART Target 2- Although PBF is a single year course it will mean that I will need to do extra work to achieve the A level in PBF. Also I will have to ensure that I keep up to date with PBF. If I fall behind in this course I will not have spared time to catch up as I will need to concentrate in my business award subjects. The alternative for this potential mistake is that I will also have to work in my own time to catch up as in class I may not have the time. Also during the holidays I will also have the opportunity to catch up. As Tuesday are my days off college and I will be able to finish all my pass points. I also would like to achieve at least a merit in the subject as it will give the maximum UCAS points I will need to apply for the course I want to study.

SMART target 3- As maths is the most important GCSE. I will ensure that I take summer school at the end of my third year (June 2011). This course will take place during the summer holidays which will become an advantage for me as all my courses will be finished so I can use all of my time to get the highest grade.

SMART Target 4- 220 UCAS points are the minimum that I want. However 3 merits points will prove to come to about 230-260 which can help me pick out an alternative...
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