Demonstrate Ability to Write and Revise Effective and Persuasive Communication

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  • Published : March 24, 2013
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Aisha Bandon
ENGL 302

SLO 1: Demonstrate ability to write and revise effective and persuasive communication for various purposes and audiences through various purposes and audiences though various course writing assignments. My assignment was a finance assignment about the price earnings ratio and earnings per share relation. We were supposed to give a brief explanation about those 2 concepts then select 3banks and compute earnings per share and price earnings ratio for each bank from the year 2000 to 2003,after that find the nature of the relationship between those 3 banks and give my comments on which bank is better off . For this assignment I used the formula learned in class to calculate what was asking in the assignment. It was very demanding and meticulous work because a single error in the calculation and my result will be affected as well as my conclusion. The instructor gave us 3weeks for this assignment but I used only 2days to work on it just before the due date. I used internet, and my notes from class to work on it .The day we supposed to submit it I was running out of ink and was completely stressed out. The assignment was Bobbo2 Technical with the calculation part and theorical at the end which asked me to put lot of efforts. In the light of the process described by Hinton I would definitely approach it differently. First of all I would start earlier to help me to make better researches and check twice or 3 times my final draft before submitting it(Hinton 20.) Due to my procrastinating bad behavior I was completely panic when I was doing it.i think that detail wouldn’t allow me to present my knowledge and abilities about the topic. Then, I would reread, underlined, or highlighted the important features of the assignment or criteria(Hinton 21). I think...
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