Demonic Possession and Lee R. Exorcism

Topics: English-language films, Demonic possession, Exorcism Pages: 1 (358 words) Published: March 6, 2013

Exorcism of Emily Rose. This movie is about a nineteen year-old girl who was possessed by six (6) spirits. Not just spirits but six (6) evil spirits. This thing occurred when she entered the University. It strikes her everytime the clock turns to 3’oclock. The court argues about what is the real reason behind Emily Rose’s death. The other side said that it was because of her disease, but on the other side, they believe that it was the exorcism who caused her death.

Our duty is to relate the movie to any communication theory. I doubt if this movie shows the Symbolic Interactionism or Coordinated Management of Meanings.
Symbolic Interactionism because the theory has three (3) cores. Meanings, Language and Thought. Meaning, when Emily Rose was having an abnormal formation of her body, doctors concluded that it was because she is epileptic. While Father Moore concluded that this was because of the exorcism that was happening to her. For the Language, when Emily Rose speak different kinds of language, doctors said that it was because she studied those languages that’s why she can speak with that. But Father Moore said that it is because of the spirits inside her. It is not her who speaks but the evil spirits who dwells inside her.

On Coordinated Management of Meanings, I think this theory while the scene is on the court. I remember the Coordination. Both parties know what happened to Emily Rose but they are different in interpretation. Culture. The culture of the doctors here when they saw Emily Rose, because they are doctors, they concluded that she was just taking drugs or something harmful medicine and it affected her. On the priest side, because he is a priest, he concluded that she was possessed by the evil spirits. There are evil spirits who dwell inside her. It also shows the interpretive and objective approach. Because the doctors are based on scientific facts, they used the...
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