Demographic Paper

Topics: AIDS, Antiretroviral drug, HIV Pages: 4 (1428 words) Published: January 21, 2013
Demographics Paper

This paper covers demographics of patients with HIV AIDS infection. The demographics can be said to the statistical characteristics of a population. The statistical is data determined by some facts such as age, sex, occupation, race, gender, education disabilities, and statuses. In current times, individuals tend to be living in some environments that hold different types of demographics that are easily a topic of conversation. With the large numbers of demographics available for discussion, this paper lays its foundation to patients living with HIV AIDS. This essay will look, in particular, at the demographic of people who live with HIV AIDS in an environment. The paper will also address the general effect that the health care market may have due to the changing demographics. The paper also addresses how the demographics of the HIV AIDS population have an effect in the health care market by having some changes. We live in the world where it is said that one is either infected by AIDS or one tends to be simply affected in one way or another. Data about the Population Demographics of People living with HIV

The area of discussion is the Southern region of United States of America. Some of the states in the region have some HIV/AIDS epidemics that tend to be remarkably similar demographically. The region tends to be currently disproportionately affected by the HIV epidemics. Through observation it is apparent that the number of AIDS cases on record has increased by 35.6% in the Deep South, but only by 4.0% in the Southern state. HIV AIDS incidents rates tend to be the most practical statistic in use to create these comparisons. This is because there is a mandate on the states to report every AIDS cases (Reif, 2006). However, since the reporting of HIV cases is voluntary, not all states give out this data. Admittedly, when tracking the new cases of infection of HIV in addition to the new cases of AIDS, it can be critical to...
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