Democrats vs. Republicans

Topics: Gun politics in the United States, Vermont, Centre-right Pages: 2 (453 words) Published: April 13, 2013
Democrat and republican both groups in which society have picked a side to support. Yet, not all people are either. Nonetheless do some know what exactly a democrat or republican is and where they stand on issues. Republicans are more conservative and believe answers are from the people. They want the government to be less interfering with issues. Also, republicans are more into property rights, then in well fare rights, but also hold economic equity above equality. In another words, they believe that people should make their own decision, rather than rely on the government. Democrats are more liberal and believe the government must look above an individual person for the greater good in terms of welfare. Doing what is necessary to make the government and people equal. They rather have the government make decisions for the people instead of the people making decisions for them. Now not all republicans and democrats agree with others of their group, the majority is mostly opposite for both sides. Gay marriage is one issue in which democrats support and republicans oppose the idea. Every person in the groups, have their own perspectives whether they believe in it or not. Such as the idea of abortions, republicans support it, yet democrats debate it. Each issue has different standards, in which one will look upon their own perspective or upon their group. For example legalizing marijuana democrats are more supportive of it, with a thirty-seven percentage who believe in it. Nonetheless, republicans are more against the legalizing, with a seventy-seven percentage on the issues. Another two examples in which democrats and republicans have different perspectives have on are gun control and immigration. Gun control is opposed for control laws from the republicans because this group strongly supports of the Second Amendment, while democrats favor the gun control laws, opposing the right to carry weapons in public areas. Lastly immigration is supported by democrats...
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