Democratic Workplace

Topics: Employment, At-will employment, Law Pages: 2 (546 words) Published: February 4, 2013
Even though we live in a democracy, in the workplace you are not guaranteed democratic rights one hundred percent of the time. Rights such as freedom of speech and right to bear arms (because it goes against OSHA) are not guaranteed. You could say whatever you want, but the company could terminate your employment because of employment at will. You cannot be fired from retaliatory discharge, but it might be hard to prove that was the reason you were fired in the first place. You have to know and understand your rights in the workplace; some of these rights include to be treated fairly and equitably and to be free from discrimination. So, we all have rights in the workplace but unfortunately there are many loopholes in these rights and maybe there is a long way for the law to go before any of these rights are fully effective everywhere.

Some of the rights in a workplace are to be treated fairly and equitably, but that is somewhat subjective and broad. So let’s say your supervisor is a s.o.b but he does not discriminate or harass anyone, then his treatment will be considered equitable and there is nothing you can do about his behavior. In many states there are no labor code regarding rest breaks so that is up to the employer, but shouldn’t OSHA cover that area and make rest breaks part of the law? Another law intended to protect employees is the Civil Rights Act, but there are many times employers will discriminate against individuals and get away with it. Discrimination means one employee is being treated differently than others based on sex, race, age, etc. But for example, let’s say a boss for a company treats not just one person, but every single person unfairly, would that be considered discrimination? Other examples, if a pizzeria needs workers who will take orders, but one of the applicants to the job barely speaks English, and to be able to speak the language eloquently is one of the prerequisites and lastly, if an obese person applies to be a...
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