Democratic vs Republican

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  • Published : March 21, 2006
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The Republicans Vs. Democrats
Choosing a political party is something I have always gone back and forth on. I agree with several issues on the Republican side but I also agree with several issues on the Democratic side. Having my mom being a Republican, and my dad a Democrat doesn't help me much when it comes to deciding. Through doing research in this class and better understanding the different views from both parties, as well as several others, I have found that I lean more towards the Republican side. One issue that I have a strong opinion on is abortion. In my mind abortion is completely and utterly wrong. I do believe though that in some cases such as rape or incest, that abortion would probably be the best choice. A Republicans view on abortion is that society should do more to promote abstinence so abortion isn't even something to be considered. I completely agree with this. Today there are way too many kids interacting in intercourse because they think "it's cool," or the "thing" to do. I think that abstinence needs to start being taught at a younger age and kids need to be taught that it is okay not to have sex. Republicans also would say that there is always the option of adoption. I don't agree with this completely because in a case such as rape I don't believe that the victim should have to carry a baby of rape for nine months. I believe that, that would just add more trauma for that individual. A Democrats view on the abortion issue is that a woman has the right to choose what she does with her body and baby. I disagree with this idea greatly. If a woman goes out and gets herself pregnant because she decided to not make a wise choice, I don't think she should be able to get rid of her baby. It was her mistake, not the child's. If someone sees no consequences to their actions then they may just continue to repeat them. I do not believe it is a woman's choice or right to kill one of her own. The next issue that I feel strongly on is...
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