Democracy vs. Martial Law

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  • Published : October 16, 2012
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Philippines: Martial Law Regime or Democratic Country

Before the Filipinos attained the democracy of their country, they first experienced the different kind of discipline the most of their leaders gave, the Martial Law regime. Martial Law (Batas Militar) refers to the period of Philippine history wherein Philippine Presidents and Heads of state declared a proclamation to control troublesome areas under the rule of the Military, and it is usually given when threatened by popular demonstrations, or to crack down on the opposition. Martial law can also be declared in cases of major natural disasters, however most countries use a different legal construct like "state of emergency". Most of the leaders establish the dictatorship instead of democracy, because they thought that it would be the best way to help our country overcome the troubles of their country.

The first leader, who established the first Martial law regime was Governor-General Ramon Blanco, next was General Emilio Aguinaldo, then Former President Jose P. Laurel and last was one of the known dictators of the Philippines, Former President Ferdinand Marcos. He justified that it is because of the large threats of communist and Muslim rebels unto the country. Once in effect, it covered the entire republic on September 21, 1972. It was announced to the public two days later. The GNP of the country on that regime, increased at $11.5 billion by 1980. From the declaration of Martial law, the US President gave $2.5 billion for economic aid and bilateral military of the country. Everyone has a curfew on that time. Everyone shouldn’t be caught outside their residences from 12 o’clock midnight to 4 o’clock early morning. Or else, the cops will put you in jail, but will release you the next day. Depends on how heavy your mistake is. Marcos was very strict in that time. He started increasing the rates and prices in the market. Even the smallest mistake can lead you to a punishment. But the crimes lessen because...
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