Democracy vs Dictatorship

Topics: Democracy, Voting, Dictatorship Pages: 2 (391 words) Published: March 22, 2013
Democracy in any country is based on principle of representation. The legislature is attended by                            
elected representatives. The people (citizens) of country vote in an election. The citizens have                          
power to vote and change their representative in next elections. It is the government of people. Democratic government guarantees freedom of thought, action and speech. Hence it allows the                        

individual to grow freely. The citizens has interests in country affairs, and what their                          
representatives are doing. The voters’ mis­judgement in casting votes may not elect the best                          
men. The illiterate people especially fails to understand that elections are usually a matter of                            
propaganda. "Nine people out of every ten", says Carlyle, "are fools", and citizens who are not                              
sufficiently intelligent or educated are likely to misjudge while voting. But in democracy unity of                            
action is essential. In a multitude of minds, much unprofitable discussion may takes place. On the other hand, in dictatorship the government is ruled by an individual or a small group of                                  

people. "One bad general", said Napoleon "is better than two good ones". It helps in coping with                                
emergencies for prompt and effective action. The dictatorship certainly has its merits. The power                          
resides with dictator. It is safer only if dictator has an exceptional ability to organize, direct and                                
administer. Parliamentary rule is usually a government by a group of politicians. The politicians                          
may have their private interests. The dictatorship has an advantage here if a dictator can                            
concentrate all its energies on the uplift and...
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