Democracy Is the Worst Form of Government

Topics: Democracy, Government, Representative democracy Pages: 5 (1775 words) Published: April 25, 2012
This essay will critically state how democracy is the worst type of government, but before we do this let us be familiar with the whole process of democracy. Looking at the history of democracy or example “In Ancient Anthens in the fifth and fourth centuries before Christ, this gave us the word democracy (rule by the common people) the people in this case did not include women and slaves, both were believed to be naturally inferior to male citizens” (Mayo 1960: 36) but since thence then democracy has developed and seems to accommodate all the citizens whether they are males or females. What we have to understand now is what democracy is in nowadays? What it means? The forms of democracy and what democracy involves. Democracy is difficult to define as it is a contested concept because it means different things to different people depending on how they understand democracy. The reason democracy is contested is that “It has many different facets to democracy in practice and people are isolating one element and treating it as if it were whole. Another reason is that because we are all in favour o democracy that it has become emptied o all content: democracy is whatever we choose it to mean” (Beetham 2005: 1). Firstly what do we understand about democracy? Democracy is whatever we choose it to mean but for the purposes of understanding it in this essay we go with Jack Lively’s definition “Democracy is the form of government in which the ‘demos’ the people, rule: in which political power is held by the many rather than by one or the few” (Lively 1975: 8).the activities done by government are not directly performed by citizens but citizens elect the representative of their choice on a free and regular basis to act on behalf of them. As Lively says the majority principle defines the principle of democracy (1975: 9). Democracy promotes equal treatment of people but it said to be very difficult to sustain.” It can result from and only from a federation of democratic states and societies ,and it proves to be legitimate in modern political life that the rules, laws and principles seem justified when they are democratic”(Held 199: 9-10). For democracy to happen there has to be a certain conditions for it to do so. Firstly there must be effective participation; people must be able to make their views heard by doing so they must have equal and effective control. Secondly voting equality, people must be able to have an equal opportunity to cast their votes and lastly enlightened understanding; each person must have an equal and effective opportunity to learn about policies and the consequences of their actions. Democracy and market capitalism are said to have a strict relationship in that they cannot be separated from each other we will discuss this later in the assignment.

Countries that are democratically governed must have “political arrangements, practices or institutions that would go a long way toward meeting ideal democratic criteria” (Dahl 1998: 83). For a country to practice democracy it has to do so on a large scale and to do so it requires elected officials, free, fair and frequent elections, freedom of expression, alternative sources of information and inclusive citizenship. All of the above require in a nutshell the participation of citizen and without citizens there would be no democracy. Secondly let us look at the forms of democracy. There are two forms of democracy namely direct and representative democracy. Direct democracy “is systems of decision making about public affairs which citizens are directly involved” (Held 199: 12). This type of democracy requires the participation of all citizens, they make the decisions and they do not elect representatives. The participation of all citizens, they make the decisions and they do not elect representatives. Representative democracy on the other hand is the opposite of direct democracy in that representative democracy “is a system of rule embracing elected officials who...
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