Democracy in the Asia and Pacific

Topics: Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea Pages: 1 (254 words) Published: April 10, 2013
While democracy in the Asia and Pacific has been growing rapidly, maturity of its democracy is still being questioned. Maturity of democracy is determined by high quality of democracy through where three main areas are in place including law enforcement, economic development and consolidated democratic institutions.

The problem with third wave of democracy (Huntington, 1991) is that the change of political system from authoritarian to democracy does not automatically follow with the change in law enforcement. Taking examples of some new democracies in the South East Asia region such as, Indonesia, law of enforcement is one of the biggest challenges in making democracy works. This is evident when law enforcement prevails around power circle either in executive or legislative branch. Despite vigorous efforts from Indonesia Corruption Eradication Commission to unveil some corruption cases, many believe this was not strong enough to seize ‘the big fish’ around epicentre of power. Democracy in the Asia and Pacific

Although relationship between democracy and economic development is a one of controversial issues, it is believed that a high and more even distribution of economic growth will inevitably underpin a consolidated democracy. Not mentioning causal relations of the two, but giving more evenly distributed wealth to people in a new democracy will arguably extend and deepen rational choice of the people during participation in general election. For instance, the Philippines, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea. In those entire countries vote buying seems to be apparent which in turn will reduce the quality of election and of course democracy itself.
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