Democracy in America

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Democracy in America
POS 110
October 21, 2012
Morgan Lowe

Democracy in America

This paper will examine the advantages and disadvantages of American democracy as well as discuss some suggestions that could possibly help to improve it. In addition, this paper will review some of the facts that have been learned throughout this course, and how I feel about some of the issues. I thought that after learning some of the things that I did in this class my opinion would definitely have changed about the political system in America. My opinion about the American political system has held steadfast even after almost completing this course. Money plays an important role in the American political system. The people who have a lot of money can help to determine who will be a serious political candidate and how much that candidate may spend on his political campaign which affects the winner. This paper will also discuss American democracy and how the Constitution impacts citizens’ perception of democracy. The importance of civil rights, the impact the Electoral College plays in elections, how laws are made, the president’s role, and the impact bureaucracy has on the lives of people will also be discussed. The advantages and disadvantages will also be weighed for each branch of government which may determine some of the drawbacks of democracy in America. Democracy in America includes the freedom, justice, and peace that so many Americans have available. Democracy means that citizens have the right to go through their daily life without any one telling them what they can and cannot do. People have the right to choose any religion that is best for them, vote for any person they feel is qualified for the position, and live any lifestyle that they are comfortable with. More importantly, people have the right to voice their opinion on different issues because the Constitution guarantees citizens the right for freedom of speech. The people in the United States have taken for granted some of the freedoms that our ancestors fought so hard to gain and lost the sense of what it means to actually be free. Civic Values

Civic values are the beginning for which the philosophy of American democracy was based, as expressed in the Declaration of Independence, the Preamble, as well as the Bill of Rights. This holds true for the other values that Americans hold dear; for they help to shape the way that people think or feel about politics/politicians, the government, and above all else America. Americans in society today may struggle with ways of identifying some basic principles that all people share, but Americans must remember that this country was not founded on family values such as opportunity, responsibility, or community. This country was founded on civic values such as freedom, liberty, and justice for all and these values help to define Americans. These values are undermined when it comes to the challenges that plague democracy in America today. Most of the citizens do not trust politicians and thus there is a lack of trust in those politicians’ political parties as well as the political institution as a whole. Citizens must feel that issues that are important to them are important to politicians and that these politicians once elected will take a vested interest in providing legislation that will help to improve their way of life. The Constitution

The Constitution is the ultimate law of the United States of America and helps to guarantee the rights and freedoms of the people that live here. It defines the function of the government and the role each branch of government plays in establishing legislation. It also gives a clear definition of the powers of each branch of government and the limits of each branch. This important document lets each citizen know what their freedoms are and it gives a clear account of the laws that are beneficial to our rights as citizens of this country and as human beings....
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