Democracy Existence

Topics: Democracy, Government, Organization Pages: 3 (879 words) Published: December 7, 2012
Democracy Existence
Democracy is a legislative system in which all citizens exercise direct and equal participation in the development, proposal, and passage of legislation into law. Today, most of the countries around the world present themselves as democratic countries. Some of these countries are really democratic, but in most of them democracy does not exist at all. Like what we saw in Egypt, and Tunisia it was only one political party rules in the country, the governments arrest who speak against them, they lead their own people to poverty, and they never give the chance to someone else to participate in government. They are not democratic governments; therefore, the young citizens of Egypt and Tunisia have the right to make a revolution against them. In the last year, the world witnessed revolutions in North Africa. These revolutions were made by young men and women who believed in democracy. Egypt and Tunisia were revolutionary and democratic governments who believed in democracy and fought for it by doing some democracy actions such as doing elections; but in reality democracy never exists while these governments are in power. Therefore young men and women made revolutions, because democracy never exists in the previous governments. These governments were acting like a democratic government in several ways including the participation of people in government. In a different way to explain democracy, democracy means “rule of the people”. It means the rule of the majority, not only one person or one group of political party. The first article in the Tunisian and Egyptian constitutions classified these countries as democratic countries; they believed in freedom, equality, and participation of the people in government. In reality, these governments were dictatorships under the cover of democracy. They speak democracy, but they act like dictatorships. Most of the young citizens of Egypt and Tunisia were born and grew up knowing only...
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