Democracy and Sporting Spirit

Topics: Democracy, Freedom of speech, Human rights Pages: 9 (2199 words) Published: March 19, 2013
1. “Television will eventually be the death of sport.” Discuss Stand: Yes
In recent times, the media has become increasingly saturated with sports coverage, fuelled by the growing commercialization of sports and the profit that comes along with it. The advent of the television, no doubt, has played a key role in the growth of the professional sporting industry by allowing viewers worldwide access to live or recorded sporting events. Sport, on the other hand, has also benefited television broadcast stations by reaping high viewership statistics and hence greater profits. As a result, it may seem at first glance that sports and television have developed a symbiotic relationship, where both parties stand to gain. However, with the increasing influence of television in sports, unless this influence is kept in check, the relationship may transgress into a parasitic one—with television eventually becoming the death of sport. YES, television will eventually be the death of sport:

1) Increased commercialization of sport

a. Shift in focus of sports to a more profit-oriented mindset. ( Leads to a deterioration of the sporting spirit

b. With the increased focus on profit, more athletes are pushed to “win at all costs” ( unscrupulous methods of drug-taking, etc. employed

2) Television popularizes major sports while neglecting less popular fringe sports

a. Leagues with higher viewership get more attention (EPL, NBA, NFL, etc.)

b. Less popular sports get less coverage and attention

c. General interest in these less popular sports declines ( displaced by the usual big sports such as soccer, baseball or basketball

3) Alteration of sports to satisfy televising needs

a. Games scheduled at awkward timings to satisfy television schedules

b. Alteration of sports rules (e.g. the creation of “TV time-out” for television commercials, implementation of “40 second shot-clock” in AMERICAN football to satisfy TV viewers)

c. The trend is one of television manipulating sport to match its own requirements ( will eventually be the death of sport

NO, television will NOT eventually be the death of sport:
1) Television creates awareness and spreads interest in sports among the masses

a. Advocates sports and the sporting spirit

b. Convenient viewing of sports through televised broadcasts ( Most people with access to a television would be able to watch

Defense: Television literally generates a shift in interest from actually playing sports to merely watching sports: a. Generation of couch potatoes

b. Popularized viewership of sports rather than participation in sport

The pervasive influence of television on sports has not only led to the deterioration of the sporting spirit through increased commercialization of the industry, but also jeopardized fringe sports by diverting the attention and interests of the masses to more “popular and mainstream” (profitable) sports. Television has even gone so far as to actually altering sporting rules and scheduling to meet its own needs—who knows what manipulations of sport will follow in the future? While television has indeed been able to popularize sports through broadcasting to the masses, the direction in which it is headed is questionable.

2. “Television will eventually be the death of sport.” Discuss

Stand: No.

Introduction: Sport: about fostering the competitive spirit through playing the game

1. Television will NOT be the death of sport:

TV popularises sports.
- Creating awareness and spreading the game
- Glorification of sport and the sporting spirit ( inspire people to take up sports and to enjoy sports - Achieved through providing a convenient way to enjoy sports in the comfort of one’s home

TV changes the style of sports for the better
- Sports teams / athletes are under pressure to perform well in competitions due to increased media...
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