Democracy and How It Fails to Work

Topics: Democracy, Government, Voting Pages: 4 (1451 words) Published: November 17, 2012
We often ponder over our own opinions about what democracy is and how it functions. Democracy, a political ideology which may consider the system as a broad spectrum or which may absorb only a few factors and elements of the state, a terminology with absolutely vague and ambiguous meaning. Clearly, the global politics is dominated by this ideology and the advocates of democracy have been voicing from a long time .The mantra of democracy advocated by many governments all around the world is one of the most deceptive one (Bucha, Democracy in Pakistan). While almost everybody is ignorant enough to fall in trap of believing that democracy is the “rule of the people”, some are vigilant enough to oppose it. The thesis of this paper proposes that “Democracy, while it lasts is more bloody than either aristocracy or monarchy” (John Adams, as mentioned in the prompt), because it does not act in the way it promises and its pitfalls lead to absolute resentment in the society. Democracy can be of two types, direct and elected. However as direct democracy hardly prevails in the modern world, elected democracy is going to be the center of debate. Elected democracy means when a majority of people through voting elect a person to represent and voice their opinions. This democracy can form in a shape of a government or even an office or a local council. As democracy can be used in various disciplines it is difficult to center a debate on all of them. Hence, discussion followed will be in consideration to the democracy adopted in countries in the form of governments. Democracy is a recent system of government and was not that popular in ancient times. But many in the West are of the faith that democracy is the best rule because it advocates equality. As far as equality is concerned, every man is equal in the eyes of the state but he or she may not be equal intellectually. The problem sets in when there is inequality of class and education. Even an uneducated citizen has the...
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