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Threats To Democracy In Pakistan:
'' Freedom & Democracy are just more than ideals to be followed, rather necessary for survival'' Noam chomsky. I have attempted the essay based on democracy in 2011 & prepared it like the one u jotted down. Similarly if you start the introduction with the paragraph like:

Dancing around the fire is not the solution to any problem, one should try to set & see beneath the surface in order to grasp the main issue relating to the crisis of democracy in Pakistan. __________________


• Threats To Democracy In Pakistan

a) Internal Threats

1) Political Threats

i) Lack Of Leadership
ii) Confrontation Between The Organs:
iii) Poor Relations Or Distrust Between Centre And Provinces: iv) Military Role In Politics:
v) Meddling With The Constitution
vi) Strong Bureaucracy And Feudal System:
vii) Political Disharmony
viii) Rampant Corruption:
ix) Absence Of Accountability
x) Crisis Of Governance:
xi) No Rule Of Law And Ethnic Crisis:
xii) Media Hype About Political Activities
xiii) Faltering Judiciary:

2) Social Threats:
i) Weak And Poverty Stricken Society
ii) Illiterate Masses:
iii) Low Level Of Political Socialization
iv) Social Injustice:
v) Domestic Violence And Sense Of Insecurity:

3) Economic Threats:
i) Economic Instability:
ii) Energy Crisis
iii) Unemployment
iv) Inflation And Food Crisis:
v) Recent Natural Calamity

4) Religious Threats:
i) Extremism And Terrorism:
ii) Religious Intolerance And Sectarianism:

b) External Threats:
i) Recurring Foreign Intervention In Our National Affairs
ii) Us Influence
iii) Tarnished Image Of Pakistan Across The Globe

• Suggestions To Meet The Threats

1. Strengthen Of Political Parties And Political Culture
2. Sovereignty Of Parliament And Other Statuary
3. Independence Of Judiciary
4. Eradication Of Illiteracy
5. Political Awareness
6. Democratic Norms
7. Economic Uplift
8. Emergence Of New Leadership
9. Participation Of Youth In Political Process
10. Mature And Tolerant Politics
11. Independence Of Media
12. Accountability

• Conclusion

Pakistan, since its day of inception, has faced several challenges to establish a true democratic system, which could guarantee its survival, stability and development. Every democratic period has been followed by the military rule. Unfortunately, the plant of democracy has not taken its roots deep enough to make the country, “a durable democratic state.” This is the reason that until now democracy in Pakistan is prone to many threats. These threats emanate from internal as well as external factors. Internal threats include political, social, economic, as well as religious which have resulted in the weakening of democracy in Pakistan. Lack of mature leadership, confrontation between the main organs of the state, poor relations between the centre and the provinces, rampant corruption, distrust among the politicians, strong bureaucracy and crisis of governance are the immediate threats to democracy in Pakistan. Furthermore, meddling with the constitution has also dealt a severe blow to democracy in Pakistan. In addition to this, terrorism, energy crisis, ethnicity and sectarianism, domestic violence, religious intolerance, economic instability, unemployment, and recent natural calamity is posing a great threat to democratic government in Pakistan. Not only this, but recurring foreign interventions in our national affairs, our country’s tarnished image across the world, and weak diplomacy is also contributing in destabilizing democratic setup. Fuelling to the fire, Government’s indifference towards people and its inability to resolve these problems is mounting frustration among the masses. This frustration is proving venomous and it could derail the process of democracy in Pakistan. 

Lack of leadership is one of the greatest threats to democracy in Pakistan. Since the tragic demise of the great Quaid we have been devoid of mature...
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