Topics: Democracy, Government, Monarchy Pages: 2 (508 words) Published: December 18, 2012
howard McFadden
Mr. Mitchell
World History
18 September 2012
Types of Government
Government is a big issue in the world today. Most governments now- a -days are drunk with power and corrupt because, their leaders are not paying attention to what the people want. Many governments become too powerful and abuse their own people. To stop this problem we need the right type of government, therefore a democracy would be the best choice. Democracy is a government for the people, by the people, of the people. Democracy is the most sufficient type of government.

Popular sovereignty and equality are the best core democratic values that support democracy. A core democratic value is the fundamental beliefs and constitutional principles of our society, which units all Americans. Popular sovereignty is the belief that the power of government comes from the people. Equality is the belief that everyone is equal. People are the focal point of the government, because people are the voice; the government would be nothing if people were not part of the equation. Also people need to think that their opinion counts and that they are not being overshadowed by some one more important; this is where all the problems happen, everyone needs to be equal to one another. Democracy has many other positive outlooks.There are many positives about having a democracy type of government. A democracy can be very effective because people can vote for what they want. Everyone would vote for president if their opinion mattered. For example the game and award shows on television the people get to vote. One prime example is the people’s choice awards; it’s the people’s decision. Most shows with this idea have been around for a long time. The reason why these shows are so popular is because it all about the people, it is like a democracy. Democracy is better than any other type of government.Some people may argue that a monarchy is better...
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