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Sample Comparison/Contrast Essay: Large Leap
The leap from high school to college is a large one. Many students enter post-secondary education expecting the experience to be the same as the one they had while at secondary school. These students are wrong to make this assumption, and they very quickly realize just how different college is. College costs more, presents more academic challenges, and offers a more social environment than high school. First, in terms of cost, college is more expensive than high school because of tuition, living expenses, and books. Anyone who wishes to attend college must pay fees, whereas it is free to attend high school. College tuition can start at roughly $1,500 per term and can wind up costing as much as $2,000. The government funds high schools, so high school students do not have to pay for their education. In addition to tuition, college students must also worry about the residence or rental costs for living close to the college’s campus. In Toronto, rental costs for a basement apartment can range from $400 to $600 per month (not including utilities), and residence fees at most colleges work out to roughly $2,000 per term. In contrast, high school students have no living expenses because the majority of high school students live at home with their parents for free. College is also more expensive than high school when it comes to the cost of learning materials, such as textbooks. In college, students must buy textbooks for each course they take. These books are not cheap, and they often wind up costing students several hundreds of dollars once students have purchased the books for all their classes. High school students never have to worry about buying their textbooks because high schools always keep a set of books, which students use and then return at the end of the year. Not only do college students have to pay more money than high school students for their education, the college students also have...
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