Topics: Brand, Brand management, Marketing Pages: 13 (4708 words) Published: December 30, 2012
Monika Malinowska-Olszowy
Technical University of Łódź Faculty of Textile Engineering and Marketing Institute of World Economy and Textile Marketing ul. Żeromskiego 116, 90-543 Łódź, Poland

Brand Strategy in the Clothing and Textile Market
Abstract In today’s market economy, which is characterised by a very changeable environment and strong, intense competition caused mainly by enlarging globalisation, it is becoming more and more difficult for an enterprise to maintain long-term success. Using techniques such as simply maintaining low costs or innovative solutions are losing their importance. That is why the significance and meaning of brands have been growing recently. The brand is a strategic resource of every firm. Possessing a brand, and knowing how to keep it and manage it well, are becoming keys to reaching success in the market, a source of competitive advantage. The aim of this paper is to show that a properly used brand strategy is the enterprise’s most valuable asset, and should be the top priority in the company’s work. Undertaking actions aimed at building a brand or at strengthening an already existing one are especially necessary in the clothing industry, which is characterised by great competition, and where threats connected with product smuggling and unauthorised copying of trade marks exist. Key words: brand, brand strategy, marketing instruments, clothing and textile industry.


strong and distinct image is created in the customers’ mind [2]. By translating a business strategy into a brand strategy, the firms become more visible on the market and more understandable for their environment; furthermore, the messages included in the advertisements reach the potential customers more efficiently. Positive features have to be spotlighted and combined with culture and target groups according to the strategy already developed. This increases customer loyalty to a given product. It is important that the customer’s mind should absorb and retain as much information about a brand as possible; some time later this is translated into the recognisability and prestige of a brand on the market. A brand product offers a sense of safety, and guarantees quality and reliability. Brand values are features that appeal to the emotional sphere of human perception [3]. Hence a brand is the most valuable asset of a company, and customer satisfaction is the key to a long-term success. As consumers must have a reason for selecting this given brand from among many others, each brand should have a motto apart from its distinctive usability. It is necessary to define why it is different and what its position is. A brand is not an advertisement, but rather a whole philosophy underlying a set of combined actions fixed on the company’s success. It is certainly an indispensable tool allowing effective conquest of markets, retention of the market position, and international competition [4].

n Essence of Brand
The constantly changing market poses new challenges to clothing enterprises, and the clients’ demands are also continually rising, and so it is necessary every now and again to offer them a higher added value. This added value is a properly planned brand strategy, the socalled branding [1]. Firms without any distinct features, without a clear vision or specific mission, or without permanent values, will sink in the mass of messages hitting the market. Thus it is necessary to launch actions not only directed to distinguish a given brand from the competitors, but also to build a set of values and modes allowing the company to communicate with the market in a manner which would be easily recognisable and which would stimulate positive associations and strong reactions. A brand image is defined through its selected symbolic patterns. The most important among these are the brand’s name, logo, and composition of graphic elements and colours all associated with the company. It...
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