Demestic Violence

Topics: Domestic violence, Abuse, Child abuse Pages: 2 (347 words) Published: March 4, 2013
What is domestic violence?
violence or physical abuse directed toward your spouse or domestic partner.

Who is affected by domestic violence?
The family and the members of the relationship.

What is the magnitude of the problem locally or nationwide?
Domestic violence can be found all throughout America.

What resources are available locally and state-wide to assist victim of domestic violence and abuse? Police, support groups, etc

What is the chain of violence and how can it be broken?
The events causing and/or leading up to point which can consist of past abuse, someone intervening or the victim taking stand

When must violence and abuse be reported and by whom?
Always and by anyone witnessing it or suspecting it

List 5 classic symptoms of an abused domestic violence victim

Lose their self-confidence.
Declines social invitations because this is easier than being embarrassed. Believe it is their fault.
Behave like a servant of their partners.
Often wears long sleeve shirts and has excuses for the cuts and bruises they are unable to hide.

Mare the following statements True or False

___FBattery is about couples getting into a brawl on Saturday night, beating each other up and totally disrupting the neighborhood. ___FIn domestic assaults one person is beating, intimidating and terrorizing the other.

___TDemanding monogamy from the victim despite promiscuous behavior by the batterer is a form of sexual violence.

___FDomestic violence is usually a one-time event, an isolated incident.

___TAs the battering pattern progresses in an abusive relationship, the degree to which the victims are affected by the abuse may increase.

___TThe victim is unable to stop the cycle of violence.

___TDomestic violence is a learned behavior.

____FOnce a batterer, always a batterer.

___TIt is normal for a child of domestic violence to feel shame, guilt and self blame.

___TAssault is intentional, unlawful threat, by word...
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