Demerit Point System

Topics: The Road, Autobahn, Law Pages: 1 (299 words) Published: May 11, 2013
The Ontario regulation and the demerit point system are linked in driving to keep dangerous drivers off the road and keep the roads safe. The regulation is a part of the Highway Act of Ontario and has rules for the drivers that want to go beyond the law. The regulation is for racing. It does not matter the situation unless for emergencies, if you exceed the certain speed regulated to be considered racing, you will be charged. Therefore if charged under the highway act, the driver can and will lose demerit points. Both are good systems that are linked very closely. The demerit point system is to mainly promote good driving to keep the roads safe as well as the drivers by keeping their driving record tracked on a point system. Each driver starts at 0 points until they infringe the laws of the road, based on the severity of the offence. The points can stay on you record for up to two years and can higher your insurance. The punishment is also based on if the driver is new or has been licensed for a longer time. They do this to teach the youth proper education on driving. If you just get your G1 and happen to get a speeding ticket, you could lose your license for a long time. The government is trying to promote good consistent driving throughout the years. It does not matter what type of driver you are, you must follow the laws of driving to get no demerit points in order to keep your license and have low insurance. The Ontario regulation and the demerit point system are installed so drivers can not only be safe, but feel safe and to keep security in the roads and to avoid those unneeded accidents.
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