Dementia Care

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  • Published : December 3, 2011
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In this modern time, the demand for care placement for elderly particularly with dementia patient is increasing thus, provision of proper nutrition is very vital. The rate of malnutrition for older people in care homes and hospitals are increasing especially those with dementia simply because the sufferers are not eating enough and this may cause difficulties for the carers. This article discuss some contributing factors that can seriously affect unplanned weight loss, how to overcome these problems and it suggest some useful tips that health care provider may implement in feeding the patients.

Dementia is not part of a normal life. Indeed, it affects older people and most of the individuals diagnosed are people 65 years and above, albeit it also occur at an earlier age. Dementia is a syndrome that caused changes in the brain considerable enough to hinder with Activities of Daily Living (ADL). This includes impairment of cognitive function like the ability to think, memorize, communicate, judge and others. Also, it is commonly explained as progressing but it varies among individuals. (Knapp et al., 2007) presently it is expected that in United Kingdom there are almost 700,000 individual living with dementia. By 2051, it is projected to mount to more than 1 million. As, the person becomes older the incidence rises. Majority of the cases account to Alzheimer’s disease which is the most common type of this disorder. Multi-infarct or commonly known as vascular dementia accounts the second spot. Lewy bodies (DBL) and fronto temporal dementia (FTD) are the other forms of dementia. People with dementia often have a low body weight as a result of dietary behavior. Thus, it is vital to know if this is due to inadequate energy intake or the root of the syndrome itself (Barrett-Connor et al, 1996) suggest that weight loss may be a physiological response to dementia or that may be part of the ageing process (Morley and Thomas, 1999). However, research also reveals that...
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