Topics: Happiness, Want, Feeling Pages: 3 (977 words) Published: January 18, 2014

Dementia Care National Course
Diploma Level
Assignment One

“An Emotional Journey”

“ Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment” – Tao Tzu

I choose my profession when I was a child knowing that I want to take care of people. I believed so strongly in my dream that I was not considering any obstacles. I knew that I want to help but I did not know exactly how. Did I succeed? I have been taught that I am a professional and therefore I do have to behave as one: so go to work and forget who you are just put your professional mask on and do your job applying the knowledge and skills that I have learned. You will see the pain in people’s eyes and see how desperately they try to reach you but even though you feel their pain you are not allowed to let them see the real you because you are a professional. So did I succeed in my profession? No I have failed the people I wanted so much to help and I failed myself. I killed who I was and what it meant to me, I build frustration, grief, anger, fear and I become an expert of hiding them as I thought this is how is suppose to be. I am not one of “them”, I am a professional, I used to think and “us” –the professionals- are people who need to keep that cold distance from you the sufferer in order to help you! “ Happiness is a state of mind or feeling characterised by contentment, love, satisfaction, pleasure or joy. A variety of biological, psychological, religious and philosophical approaches have striven to define happiness.” Why I was happy in my school days and when I finally got the tools to do what I wanted the most to do, I was not happy any more? Because I denied myself the right to be human, to feel and let the others see what I feel and with this was no contentment or love or pleasure or satisfaction to get from what I was doing. I needed to feel that people I was trying to help can reach me and them to feel that I am really there for...
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