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  • Published: February 16, 2013
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It has been well documented that the ageing population is on the increase in Australia and due to these predictions so too is the demand on the acute care setting (Australia Institute of Health and Welfare [AIHW], 2007). Dementia is described as a "syndrome, usually of a chronic or progressive nature, caused by a variety of brain illnesses that affect memory, behaviour and ability to perform everyday activities" (World Health Organization [WHO], 2012, p.2).

The purpose of this literature review was to establish if the delivery of nursing care in the acute care setting, encompasses the older person with a Dementia diagnosis, using evidence based nursing interventions such as person centered care.

Though Dementia is not part of normal ageing (WHO, 2012) there is a high incidence of diagnosis in the older person. The ageing population will impact the demands of the health care setting, and health care workers require specialised skills to provide optimal care that is appropriate when an older person enters the acute care arena.

Initially the search question used for this review was can nurses identify triggers of exacerbated behaviour's using a validated tool? This question was omitted due to the lack of literature and refined to the broader context question of does nursing care of the person with dementia in the acute setting include evidence based practice, and how is person-centered care implemented. The data bases searched were from The Cochrane Library, CINAHL, pub Med, Joanna Briggs Institute and Grey Literature. The literature used in this review was published between 2003 and 2012. Literature sources were searched from peer reviewed journals, government publications, and the internet.

Keywords Searched:
Dementia, acute care, evidence based practice, nursing perspectives, behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia, person centered care.

The literature review commonly noted that...
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