Demarketing Examples

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  • Published : April 12, 2011
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1). Apple demarketed its products by using pricing as a strategic tool to keep the products safely inside its target consumer segment. Though the prices of iPhone were brought down to $399, Apple could still lower the prices which it chooses not to, only to maintain a customer base that is in the higher income range. 2). An example of demarketing could be some areas in Florida that prefer elderly vacationers and demarket to college students. It could promote in a way that attracts the desired target market and is unattractive to the demarketed segment. Photographs of elderly people in a promotional brochure that describes exciting bingo nights and shuffleboard tournaments should do the trick. 3). Particular demarketing is when you want to demarket to particular groups or at particular times, etc., to protect your franchise with your core customers. A fine restaurant may be losing its ambience due to a large number of casual diners in order for the organization to achieve its strategic goal to provide an ambience that will win the loyalty of those seeking a more formal dining experience. As a result, the manager might require keeping a dress code for the staff to wear a tie and a jacket. 4). The following print ad by Toyota suggests that it wanted to discourage customers from buying its Prius and instead steering them towards its other cars.  The print at the bottom says unless you plan to drive your Prius for 20 years you will do better with our Corolla or our Yaris.
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