Demand Letter Example

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Everytown Bus Company
7849 Castro Valley Blvd.
Everytown, CA   94546

Re:       Barbara Schultz v. Everytown Bus Company
            Case No. 24-C-08-080463
Dear Bus Company:
    I have been requested to file suit against you for the injuries suffered by my client, Ms. Barbara Schultz, while riding on one of your buses.     Ms. Schultz suffered injuries on one of your buses, on November 10, 2008.  As a result of the accident she sustained a broken left arm, which at her age of 75 it takes more time to heal, due to the frailty of her elderly bones. She incurred medical expenses due to her broken arm and the injury has prevented her from visiting her family and going about her day to day activities as she normally would do. She has had to incur the expenses of having someone help her out around the house since she is an elderly woman and now an elderly woman with a broken arm. She has been living on her own since she has been in the U.S. so she is in need of assistance due to her injury. Ms. Schultz has also incurred other medical expenses along with the home care assistant due to her injury. To date, Ms. Schultz has suffered $79,400.00 in special damages.  They are itemized as follows:

Medical Expenses:                                    $    15,000.00 Home care assistant:                                 $    14,400.00 Pain and Suffering:                                            $   50,000.00 Total Special Damages to Date:                        $ 79, 400.00

Background Information 
In August 2004, Barbara Schultz came from her native country of Germany.  She came to the United States from Germany to spend her remaining years with her beloved children and grandchildren. With minimal understanding and speaking capabilities of the English language, she still was able to live independently in her own apartment. Ms. Schultz is not someone who likes to be dependent on her children for transportation, so she frequently traveled...
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