Demand and Supply of Pepsi

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  • Published : November 28, 2011
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Demand for our products may be adversely affected by changes in consumer preferences and tastes or if we are unable to innovate or market our products effectively. We are a consumer products company operating in highly competitive markets and rely on continued demand for our products. To generate revenues and profits, we must sell products that appeal to our customers and to consumers. Any significant changes in consumer preferences or any inability on our part to anticipate or react to such changes could result in reduced demand for our products and erosion of our competitive and financial position. Our success depends on our ability to respond to consumer trends, including concerns of consumers regarding health and wellness, obesity, product attributes and ingredients. In addition, changes in product category consumption or consumer demographics could result in reduced demand for our products. Consumer preferences may shift due to a variety of factors, including the aging of the general population, changes in social trends, changes in travel, vacation or leisure activity patterns, weather, negative publicity resulting from regulatory action or litigation against companies in our industry, a downturn in economic conditions or taxes specifically targeting the consumption of our products. Any of these changes may reduce consumers' willingness to purchase our products. See also the discussions under "The global economic downturn has resulted in unfavorable economic conditions and increased volatility in foreign exchange rates and may have an adverse impact on our business results or financial condition." and "Changes in the legal and regulatory environment could limit our business activities, increase our operating costs, reduce demand for our products or result in litigation." Our continued success is also dependent on our product innovation, including maintaining a robust pipeline of new products, and the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns, marketing...
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