Delta Ready Reserve

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April 1st, 2012

Ready Reserve: Plan of Action

As noted on DeltaNet ACS page:

The Ready Reserve program benefits employees:
• It provides flexibility for many employees who may have other obligations such as teachers, college students and parents looking for some extra cash and flight benefits.
• Ready Reserve employees are able to work between 300 and 1300 hours per calendar year. When RR job descriptions are posted, this time frame is part of the job description, which is clearly communicated.

• The program allows Delta to deal effectively with changing operational and seasonal demands. This helps us avoid furloughs and keeps our cost in line.

The Issues
As of October 1, 2011, eighteen ready reserves were hired in order to help meet the desperate needs of the operation due to the constant bombardment of cruise ship passengers which during peak season can exhaust the full time and part time employees; with passenger loads sometimes exceeding 5000! As of today, less than six months after the initial start date at FLL of the ready reserves, only ten of us remain, nearly 50% reduction in ready reserve man power without no mention of a possibility of reestablishing any man power in order to keep up with the operation. Ready reserves are subpar in the customer service department due to lack of training in all facets of the operations, i.e. many of the ready reserves were provided a disk and a list of courses to complete in LMS, during a specific time frame. Many ready reserves are still stuck in the same position as when they started and have been improperly trained, if at all. Which makes it difficult to achieve Delta’s projected customer service goals and FLL’s goals as a station. According to Delta’s harassment-free work environment policy, “Delta will not tolerate discriminatory conduct, jokes, slurs or other remarks that encourage or create an offensive or hostile working environment”. Here in FLL, there have been many inappropriate comments,...
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